Discover Méribel in summer: activities and adventures

Looking for a fresh summer destination? Discover Méribel! Enjoy hiking on glaciology and botanical trails, feel the adrenaline on mountain biking routes, or indulge in family fun with horseback riding and interactive treasure hunts. Dive into Méribel's outdoor sports with tennis, skate parks, and summer festivals. Explore nature reserves, panoramic views, and thrill with Via Ferrata and rafting. Méribel in summer is your next adventure paradise!

Summer activities in Méribel

Méribel is not just a winter destination; it also offers a range of summer activities that will delight outdoor enthusiasts. Find out more about Méribel's summer activities by clicking on

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Hiking and themed trails

Méribel offers a plethora of hiking trails that cater to all levels. The themed trails, like the glaciology and botanical trails, provide educational experiences. These trails allow hikers to learn about the local environment, landscape evolution, and plant identification, making each walk an informative adventure.

Mountain biking options

Mountain biking in Méribel is a thrilling experience with options for everyone. The resort features pumptracks and marked downhill trails accessible via ski lifts. For beginners, the pumptrack offers a safe space to practice. More experienced riders can explore the 258 km of marked trails, which vary in difficulty. Joining a mountain biking school is recommended for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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Family-friendly activities

Families can enjoy a range of activities in Méribel. Horseback riding at Ranch Nordique provides a unique way to explore the area. Interactive treasure hunts, like the Explor Games®, engage families through storytelling and problem-solving, making it a fun and educational experience for all ages.

Méribel's recreational facilities and events

Méribel is a dynamic destination, offering a multitude of leisure activities and events throughout the year.

Recreational and sports areas

Méribel offers a variety of recreational and sports areas to keep visitors active and entertained. Tennis courts, fun parks, and skate parks are available for those seeking diverse outdoor sports. The La Chaudanne leisure base features playgrounds equipped with inflatable structures, providing endless fun for children.

Summer animation program and sports camps

Méribel's summer animation program, organized by Méribel Tourisme, is packed with daily events such as sports activities, spectacles, and family-oriented workshops. Children can join various sports camps, including tennis, cycling, equestrian programs, and golf camps, catering to young athletes' interests and skill levels.

Local cuisine and summer events

Experience the vibrant local cuisine at summer events organised by Méribel Tourisme. These events showcase regional dishes and provide a taste of the area's culinary heritage. Visitors can enjoy a mix of summer festivals and food markets, making it a delightful gastronomic journey.

Exploring Nature in Méribel

Exploring nature in Méribel is an immersive experience that allows you to discover the beauty and diversity of the French Alps.

Nature reserves and national parks

Méribel is a paradise for nature lovers, with the Tuéda Nature Reserve and Vanoise National Park offering expansive landscapes and rich biodiversity. The Tuéda Nature Reserve, established in 1990, covers 1,100 hectares and features activities at the Maison de la Réserve, including exhibitions and workshops.

Scenic viewpoints and nature walks

For those seeking scenic viewpoints, Méribel offers numerous trails. Nature walks around Tuéda Lake or the botanical trails provide opportunities to observe local wildlife and flora. These walks are perfect for families, offering both relaxation and education.

Adventure activities

For the adventurous, activities like Via Ferrata, all-terrain electric scooters, and rafting are available. These activities cater to various skill levels, ensuring a memorable and thrilling experience. Whether it's climbing, biking, or rafting, Méribel's diverse landscape provides endless opportunities for exploration.